I. pack pack 1 [pæk] noun
1. [countable] a small container with a set of things in it; = PACKAGE; PACKET:

• Five million tickets to Disney films will be placed in specially-marked packs.

pack of

• a pack of Marlboro cigarettes

2. 6-pack/​12-pack etc a pack that contains six, twelve etc items:

• This brand of beer is now available in 12-packs.

blister pack also bubble pack [countable]
a type of wrapping used for small objects, such as Tablets, which separates and protects each object with a small plastic cover attached to a piece of card:

• Blister packs are difficult to recycle because the blisters are made of a different material from their backing.

disˈplay pack [countable] COMMERCE MARKETING
a specially made box, used to show goods that are on sale in shops:

• The company has distributed a new shop display pack for the coming season.

ˌgift pack [countable] COMMERCE MARKETING
a small, decorated container, used to make the product inside it look more attractive:

• special gift packs for the Christmas market

— see also multi-pack
3. lead/​be ahead of the pack to be more successful than your competitors:

• It has fallen to seventh place in the ad-agency rankings, after leading the pack for three years.

• The company is demonstrating the kind of innovation that will be needed to keep it ahead of the pack.

4. [singular] a group of people who all work in the same industry, especially in films, the press, or the theatre, that you do not like or approve of:

• The whole media pack is closing in on him.

  [m0] II. pack pack 2 verb [transitive]
1. TRANSPORT to put products in boxes, a vehicle etc so they can be taken somewhere:

• At sixteen, Brian went to work packing freight on the shipping docks.

pack something in something

• The video equipment is packed in aluminum trunks and air-freighted to the site.

• fish packed in fresh-water ice

— see also packaging, packing
2. COMPUTING to put a lot of information onto the part of a computer or other piece of electronic equipment that stores data:
pack something on/​onto/​into something

• The disks are engineered to pack at least twice as much data onto their recording surface.

3. to arrive in large numbers into a space that is not big enough, or to make people or things do this:

• Because moviegoers haven't been packing the theaters this fall, they haven't seen the trailers for our new releases.

pack something into something

• The TV network has infuriated viewers by packing an extra three minutes of commercials into popular hour-long programs.

4. pack a board/​committee/​jury etc to secretly and dishonestly arrange for most of the people on a committee etc to support someone:

• He packed the company's board with his relatives.

pack up phrasal verb [intransitive] informal
1. if a machine or piece of equipment packs up, it stops working:

• All the computers packed up, so we couldn't do any work.

2. to stop working, trading etc:

• The market collapsed and the company packed up and moved into something else.

* * *

pack UK US /pæk/ noun [C]
COMMERCE a container in which things are put to be kept, sold, or sent somewhere, or the contents of a container: »

a pack of cigarettes


Keep the goods in the pack if you might want to return them to the store.

a collection of objects, documents, etc. that are made available as a set : pack of 6/12/20, etc. »

These items are usually sold in packs of ten.


Information packs are available at the front desk.


You can download the application pack from our website.

-pack — Cf. -pack
the pack — Cf. the pack
See also BLISTER PACK(Cf. ↑blister pack), BUBBLE PACK(Cf. ↑bubble pack), DISPLAY PACK(Cf. ↑display pack), FOUR-PACK(Cf. ↑four-pack), GIFT PACK(Cf. ↑gift pack), MULTIPACK(Cf. ↑multipack), SIX-PACK(Cf. ↑six-pack)
pack UK US /pæk/ verb [T]
COMMERCE to put something into a container: pack sth in/into sth »

The fruit is finally packed into wooden crates for shipping.

to put material around something to protect it before putting it into a container: pack sth in sth »

The ornaments were carefully packed in soft material before being placed in the box.

to put food in a particular substance so that it does not decay: pack sth in sth »

sardines packed in oil

if people pack a place, they fill it completely: »

Staff packed the auditorium for her farewell speech.

pack a punch — Cf. pack a punch

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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